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YendorNG's News

Posted by YendorNG - 2 days ago

Hiya, :|

Short post: I am behind on the Wacom goal and a local tax bill. Stupid bank collapse in California has terrorized the economy and now recent environment disasters that have occurred or looming are going to greatly impact me. I need to spend two weeks doing extra shifts and side-work to make up for the inevitable shortfall. I am going to be extremely tired, and very irritable, and not so happy happy joy joy. >:(

Best I can do right now is have something for Pico day. Seems like a reasonable goal right now. :|

$1100 to left in the goal-- Two 60 hour work weeks ahead. :O

In more positive news this are nice uplifting reviews, please send more :P


Yes... I am a bit of lost person trying to keep to what I enjoyed in the past alive without getting in the way of the current pioneers... To be fair, they all sound unhappy, mumbly, always high on something... and only seek money... I'll write storytime blogpost later about my travels in the music scene, pre-pandemic.

Oh, I'm progressing in non-musical arts as well, you could say I am getting a head. :P~~

For you Front Pagies. If you are missing General forum, Supporter forum is where its at right now. Learn about supporting NewGrounds for as little as 2.99 a month, or $25 a year. This is crackers compared to all those subscription services you slightly better off people enjoy.

Take care,

see you soon :/




Posted by YendorNG - 9 days ago


It ain't easy. $200 down, $1100 to go. 100 a week = 11 weeks remaining.

Aside from bills that creep on you when you were not expecting it, the recent bank scare for whatever reason slowed work down again last week. I got sent home in the middle of the day 3 times because of the lack of work. Makes me wish I stayed the course and did become a programmer, but oh well. :(

Also, Hi! :)

Here is what's going on:

  1. Clip Studio lied to me (in my opinion), or I misunderstood something-- the upgrade cost was $40. Audio playback has improved I think, but there is still no audio scrubbing. :/
  2. I tried out Adobe Animate --I was overwhelmed with the fact it was only a 7 day period and there was so much to learn I ended up canceling the subscription. I did find the skeleton rigging kinda neat but thats not wanted to do with it. I may come back to that later in life. :/
  3. Had a nice chat with Rewired Records' owner Ste (aka DJ Infinite), he likes where I am going with my music but I still need to refine things further. :)
  4. I discovered playlists! I will will sort some music out and put them into playlists so you and I can jam out to things I find. :)
  5. I am making an Animatic based on this gem of voice acting by @Jenital --


Sneak peek: Say Hello to 'Mort' --the unhinged main character.

Other then that, I got to go bed.

Say sane! Stay safe!

Your Pal,

YendorNG. :)


Posted by YendorNG - 2 weeks ago

Hi NewGrounders,

I'll make this quick; I have a 60 hour work week ahead of me--

  1. If I ever post another music loop, feel free to tap me on the head and tell me I need to finish the song. No more Loops, complete songs only! >:O
  2. Clip Studio says they are undergoing maintenance on March 14th. I suspect that they are releasing the big 2.0 they promised they would release back in August 2022. As I am one of the early adopters on the program when it was all the rage, I am getting a free upgrade. Pray they will have audio scrubbing! >:O
  3. I got a credit for Additional Animation in The Friendly Frog Collab! This is a nice foot in the door for future collaborations. :D I learned alot when putting animation theory into practice. I made mistakes... as you'll take a look at my work we have underlines out of place... but hey. We grow. :)
  4. Ticket to Too Many Games meetup purchased. So I definitely (and really want to) will be there!
  5. $1200 Left to go for that Wacom Purchase!
  6. Congrats to @OlTrout for defeating (for the moment) an evil force of... evil in his life, and getting re-acquainted with a member of family. If you have supporter status, you can read up about it in the Supporter Forum. :)

What's this? No Supporter Status? Well! As you may be well aware, NewGrounds isn't a Corporation, so it can't invest in trees that grow money to feed the hungry Server that hops across the server room at night, ready to consume more-- as more content is uploaded to the portal!

It goes 'Thump, Thump, THUMP!' *Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllll*! >:(

and if it doesn't get fed on time... it gets... HANGRY-- and the thumping gets louder! Then if any of the staff goes into that room to do any sort of maintenance, it eats a toe! <:O

So if you have toes and feel that NG staff should also have toes. Please, consider upgrading to supporter status today! Its literally like $25 a year and you get access to sharing space so you can collaborate more easily with other NewGrounders on cool stuff! I've found it useful for working on small music things for @Mariosdrinky and @midgetsausage for the frog collab!

Also, it keeps away the terrible, horrible, Ads away. 'Nuff said

Find out what else you are missing by clicking here and thank you for considering becoming a supporter today!

Now excuse me, I have a date with the forklift for an extended period of time all next week.


(This is not as fun as it looks, trust me.)

Take care out there!

Your Pal,

YendorNG :)


Posted by YendorNG - 1 month ago


Wowie-Zowies! Hello NewGrounders!

YendorNG - "I like that (Hardcore Mix)" was front paged on Newgrounds February 24, 2023. This was completely unexpected as this was just a follow up to a rather crappy DnB version of it. This is also the first time my work was recognized anywhere. It was a lovely boost of love that had been missing since I started writing music a long time ago when I was not in a very stable place. So for that, "Tank You" very much! :)) I hope to collect more these wonderful shiny trophies as we move forward. :)

I finally got my Surface pro out of the shop, and I am good to go on more drawing and animatin'. I am however eyeing a Wacom Cintiq 22 and a new desk, so lots of over time at work to get the money to pay for these things. Currently its about a Whopping $1300 USD! If I worked the math right it should take me 13 weeks until I can afford it! That is of course assuming work has extra shifts for all 13 weeks, but gosh darn it, I am gonna do my best. >:|

And... I really don't have anything else to say. However since I now have the option to post to the front page I want to take the opportunity to please ask that you sign up for Supporter Status on Newgrounds! Your money will be well spent towards keeping NG alive and run all these fun FUN FUN public holidays and contests!

If NewGrounds was a City and gave me a studio apartment for $25 or so a year, I'd would totally live in it and you would too. So quit hiding in the desert of the same 5 internet sites you visit screaming into the void. Come here. You are wanted! Make something! Be cool!

Love you,

---Rodney :)



Posted by YendorNG - February 21st, 2023

Hello Newgrounders! Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. Its been not very great presidents day weekend for me, but thats a story for another time. Let's keep that positivity flowing!

I had a short visit with extended family and had the opportunity to meet my youngest brother's girlfriend who is in law school and got her to sit down for a quick portrait:

I like how I am progressing in art school. If you are wonder I am self-studying under Marc Brunet who used to work as a senior artist at Blizzard. The courses are expensive, but I think worth it, and some progress is beginning to show. Should only take me about another two years to catch up to everyone else here. Progress is slow-- but sure. :)

I finished some music for the NewGrounds Beat Saber Collab. I really REALLY want to share what I made-- but it has to stay all hush hush right now. As far as when that Collab will be be completed it should be sometime after April. I think I am the only person to have finished their assignment. Based on the WIPs I have heard though from the other people working in the collab... if you like BeatSaber and love electronic music-- you are going love what we got coming down the pipe. :D

I have nothing to report on the Bastardized Rainbow Brite Project. Its currently only a passion project of mine and as far as passion projects go its in bits and spurts and still being (re?)storyboarded.

Speaking of Passion projects... I really enjoyed my time working on the beatsaber thing and wanted to try my hand at making a NewGrounds Happy Hardcore/DnB Music compilation Collab CD/Thing/whatever. I am unfortunately unsure as to what level of experience I need to be and how well known I need to be as well. I used to help run a small record label LLC and am familiar with CD printing companies, and people willing to do professional mastering-- but thats about it.

If you know how these things work around here, please PM me. I appreciate it. We need more happiness in our lives now more then ever and it is ever fleeting and being gobbled up by overactive neurons in our brains. Music Heals.

Also, holy crap, this is my favorite thing right now and it should be yours too!:

Keep it moving-- work those pens, paper and tablets and headphones, oh my! :O

Your Pal,

YendorNG :)


Posted by YendorNG - February 10th, 2023

Hello on this momentous day. I am 34, and I survived Covid! Happy birthday to me I suppose. I wish I didn't feel so lonely, but that is unfortunately the nature of how things turned out. I am a bit crazy after all and will probably find something interesting to do other then make music that goes beep boop. :)

If today was your birthday, what would YOU be doing? I'm pretty curious how social butterflies like you be enjoying your special day. I'm all ears. :F



Posted by YendorNG - February 4th, 2023

Hi NewGrounders, good health to you. :)

Unfortunately, mine is in question-- that virus thing that made me a bit of a Recluse has finally caught up to me. After I left my tour of work for the week I thought I had caught the flu as I was starting to feel dizzy, and my joints began to ache. To my shock after a rather sleepless night of waking up and trying to clear out my chest and throat and taking the PCR test, it was mister crowny-crown that finally bit me. x.x


There is a bit of a double-whammy issue-- the test came today, and work starts again tomorrow. Pennsylvania sadly does not currently offer protected leave anymore (Thank you relevant Politicians), work also ended its pandemic policy. So I got run into work with an accommodation, then run away. :(

Before I got sick, I was still working on the Bastardized Rainbow Brite project that I announced in my last entry, I am halfway into the second shot of that scene. Additionally, I participated in the NGAIC and got some feedback on my song selection, not great, but its not terrible:

Layer 3 of the challenge has begun, i'd be a bit more cheerful if my headache would subside. Gabber is on the list. So, another fun cousin of happy hardcore to play with when I am well enough to function again. :]


I'm sure there is more to report, but I am ill and can't think of much else at the moment. Oh yes. I had a momentary lapse of judgement this week and have been rather thorny lately both on and off NG. This was due to a rather bittersweet victory on something that did get a little personal. If it affected you, I apologize. If I did not reply to messages, there was a good reason.

Finally, if I am not dead within a week, I will be back around to deliver delicious audio and visual goodies to all the good little kids... and rather strange big kids... with tanks, with DU-Rounds of NG 4 star destruction. :F


Image courtesy of SKY News. Check out that tank barrel! Its so big! ;)

Check out my library,

Find a place to dance it out,

stay away from strangers who

offer strange Gems and IDE's (hehe.. dev joke, eeeeeee)

and enjoy life, and that is they way it should be,

Your pal, YendorNG. :)



Posted by YendorNG - January 20th, 2023


Because I don't have alot going on right now, I decided to challenge myself and make an attempt to reanimate a few shots from the 80s cartoon RainbowBrite. Might also rewrite some music and effects as well, and might just re-write the dialogue between Lurky and Murky and just parody the cartoon. Why? Because it may turn out funny, and I really don't have very much going on anyway. So might as well and sharpen my storyboarding and animation skills anyway. There is also alot of renimated cartoon collabs on both NewGrounds and Youtube, so its not like this is something new.

Edit: No more picks. Seems kinda silly. Only NEWS.

Stay creative!

your pal,

YendorNG :)



Posted by YendorNG - January 14th, 2023

Hello NewGrounders! its been another fine week in portal.

Finally participated in my first community event here called the NewGrounds Audio Iceberg Challenge and was able to come up with this as an entry:

Other then that, I have been fiddling around in Clipstudio managed to come out with blob of creativity:

I really wish I could more with Clip Studio, but the lack of being able to audioscrub (play audio forward and backwards to animate perfectly on the right frames) while trying to animate ahead on things is driving me nuts. There is going to be an major update to it to version 2 come March, but I am not hopeful. I may just need to get Adobe Animate, which is more $$$ out of my pocket... or go to ToonBoom's Harmony.

Anyway, enough about my problems. Let's get to the picks of the week!

My Favorite from the Movie Portal:

In a tormented hellscape, you are not safe mentally or physically. >:)

My Favorite from the Art Portal:

I could sure use one of those. :)

My Favorite from the Audio Portal:

Its got a great Hardstyle vibe to it. :)

My Favorite from the Game Portal:

Harvest season is over! Tiime to do some taxes! A fun game with a Papers Please theme to it.

That's all for now! Stay strong out there, dark times overhead-- but be a tiny light of hope!

Be good!

Your Pal, YendorNG. :)


Posted by YendorNG - January 7th, 2023

Ah January. The most uneventful month of the year. Things slow down. Work no longer squeezes you for mandatory hours. Medical check ups and things can get scheduled. New shoes for work etc. Yeah, this is my kind of jam for sure, easy going.

I finally put down video games for this year, because I signed up recently to an art program and finally bit the bullet and subscribed to pHoToShOp because I found it difficult to follow along with my instructor using only Clip Studio Paint. Hopefully I can make some pretty awe taking pieces after running with this course for the next two years. We will see.

@MariosDrinky and I got into a bit of a playful artfight. If you flip back and for between our galleries you'll see a neat comic short of sorts.

I've also been very busy in the music side of things as well! If you haven't heard, NG community is running the 2nd level (layer?) of NGIAC which I am participating in. I am pushing myself HARD to make a track in a genre I have never made before. Hopefully it will go well.

Finally, there is a meetup thing going on in Philadelphia. If all goes well for the next couple of months this will be my first outing since the pandemic. \o/

Anyway, enough about my problems. Let's see the picks of the week!

My Favorite from the Movie portal:

For a moment I thought the audio for this cartoon was a taken from "Bee and Puppycat". The author @AngelBurrito explained that both puppycat and his bear character shared a voice from a Yamaha Vocaloid voicebank called "Oliver". Pretty neat.

My favorite from the Art Portal:

This reminded me greatly of art from way back when windows vista/7 was released, as alot of wallpapers backgrounds for the Dell line of computers had art in this very style. @MukkyWaffle says this was a collab with someone named "NoBonus_" and they can be found here: https://twitter.com/nobonus_

My Favorite from the Games portal:

You are the boss frog! But there is some little skate boarding wizard frog trying to unseat you from your throne! Destroy him! Very cool from @dkdoot !

My Favorite from the Audio portal:

And that's if from me this week! Go forth and be productive, learn something new, tear out old habits, throw your house in the trash and get a new one! >:D Whatever you decide to do remember--

Stay positive,

--YendorNG. :)