I have worn many hats in my life, but I can't just be satisfied with just one. Most things in life are worth the struggle, and no one will help me or hold my hand, so I (mostly) do it all. Will fight engineers and users for change. (ง'̀-'́)ง

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YendorNG's News

Posted by YendorNG - 7 days ago


Fed my mice children some cornchips. They still fight over the food even though there is plenty.



Posted by YendorNG - 2 weeks ago


Francis Scott Key bridge collapse with the cargo-ship Dali --Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Hello NewGrounds! Life has not been great but its getting better and I'll get to that in a moment, Let's dive into what I have been up to:

Kamen Rider Collab

I'm pleased this parody cartoon turned out the way it did. It features VA @JennyGlynn and to my surprise it won a Fifth place daily award for that day. No too shabby. :)

I spoke with Chunky who is the lead Collab organizer-- and it seems not a lot of people contributed to the collab, so it seems unlikely we will see everyone's cartoons in one big movie... bummer. But I'll link everyone who did make something below:

Congrats to @itsabluebanana and team for winning a 2nd place daily award for thier entry!

Interview with Aalasteir

Scriptwriting an original idea

I've been on and off trying to write a script involving the character above after completing the Kamen Rider cartoon. I had imagined a huge project involving many things but I am not quite at the skill level (nor patience) to accomplish as I will have to tackle this alone. Scriptwriting is rather tedious and boring, but perhaps time permitting I ill have something better to show progress. :)

The battle against poverty

I have not been having a great a week and have been very depressed and irritated over it, but I have been doing my best to get that turned around. A couple days ago I wrote that I may have to live in my car again because of the unusual slowness at work and the question of being able to pay my bills. Additionally because of the recent bridge collapse in Maryland which blocks the port, I had a very grim outlook on what the rest of the working year would be like (I work in a warehouse for Amazon) as work may become even slower this year. :(

At first, I didn't want to whine about it, as in my experience people don't care about my personal problems, but the problem with that is that I end up bottling everything up and then doing some pretty destructive things and then people think I'm weird. I also end up burning down my own bridges, which screws up a bunch of other things. It makes me unhappy, and if I ripped into you lately, I'm sorry-- that just isn't how I usually am and never want to be. I need to be better at getting a handle on ugly things as they appear.

I have made some strides in the last few days to prevent myself getting screwed:

  • I had a long chat with my landlord over some drinks and we come to an agreement that I can pay about 2 weeks late this month. Reason why he does this is because I have been the best tenant/roommate he has ever had.
  • Made a call to my creditors-- apparently they were willing to work with me and after discussion I am able to skip a car payment this month.
  • I started a record company back in 2018 when I was still in the rave scene that failed when the pandemic hit, I found the money that I used to get the business started sitting in the state treasury's unclaimed property website. So I am in the process of getting that back. :)
  • A friend who is going on vacation with me later in the year (pre-planned before this nonsense) sent in the money for the hotel room we are getting this year, and they elected to pay for it all! Which is overwhelmingly fantastic.

So with that said, looks like I had a lot of chips I didn't know I had, and have cashed them in. I have been stuck in a loop of self-reliance for so long it felt so great to know that there were other ways to address them then what I had originally planned.

In short, Poverty can go suck my balls! I'm going to win this battle and not let it screw with my life and my mental heath anymore! :D

Odds and Ends

My half-sister way across the country called in to say she is having a baby and I'm going to be an uncle sometime in October. Family is ecstatic and I am totally gonna pitch in to buy baby things and toys and diapers and such to make sure our new family member gets a very good start in life.

I Didn't get the promotion at work. :(

I am absolutely 100% going to Pico Day NJ Meetup.


I'm gonna try to be more positive and do less with the negative things that happen, and ignore the idiots, selfdoubt and anxiety that seem to popup when its unwanted I will be less destructive, and remember that I can always pick myself up and rise again.

I'm going to go for a run now and hope to see you later o/




Posted by YendorNG - 3 weeks ago

Some good news today after some anxiety inducing ones yesterday-- My half sister in Alaska reported I will be an Uncle in October! :)


--Uncle YendorNG :)



Posted by YendorNG - 3 weeks ago

The flow of my life has decided again it's time for a another test of survival. I am going homeless again in order to meet obligations to my creditors and stop the runaway bleeding of my money that's being lost. This means I have to stop everything I'm doing on NewGrounds at the moment.

Hopefully I'll be back to animating in under 6 months.

Love you,



Posted by YendorNG - March 2nd, 2024


Bear with me here. I'm going to try to make this post a bit more readable then last month's;

Hello NewGrounds! Hope you are doing well! I think this month has been kinda fair. But let me show you some things I got going on!

Kamen Rider cartoon


Every day, for at least 3 hours on my days off for work I have been working full-on to get this thing done. Its gotten to the point I'm literally dreaming about Kamen Rider! (Its really weird, I hope that stops.) This cartoon should be done in about a week and for the upcoming Kamen Collab next month. Read about the collab here!

I also separately submitted an nice Eye-Catch for the collab as well. Hopefully it will turn out great and people will like it when its released! :)

Valentines Day Collab

Hooray! I have something under the games section in my profile! While technically not a game and not something I directly programmed I did provide a cute little card for the event. Todate, this collab has been the one with the MOST USERS listed as contributors ever on NewGrounds! Good Job everyone and congratulation to StormyDew and CootieGirl who lead the way!

Code BootCamp Rejection


I got rejected from my own workplace's tech program to learn how to code. How lame. The process also for applying was kinda weird as well. I took a aptitude test then immediately right after I had to do a camera interview. That was unexpected and not fun to do. But oh well, always next year. In the meantime...

Godot and GDQuest


The greatest thing about me is my tenacity to find another way around obstacles blocking me from my own development. I did post last year about trying out Godot and along my journey with that I stumbled upon something called GDQuest. The person who runs this named Nathan did a really good job with this and broke everything down for me and others on how coding in Godot works amongst other cool tutorials.

My favorite so far has been Learn to Code From Zero with Godot. Its highly enjoyable and I learned a lot more then I did trying to Learn Ruby-on-Rails. If you have no experience at all with code, give it a go!

"Suck it, Amazon Tech Elevator weenies!" -YendorNG 2024

I really have no plans at the moment in Game-dev. Maybe I'll try out a game jam when the opportunity presents itself.

Odds and Ends

I got to have a nice two-hour interview with @Aalasteir for his A100 podcast which should be coming out on March 29th. You get to hear about how poverty kinda sucks, how I got my start as DJ, and later a producer, why I left the IT industry, on top of how much I hate MMOs and their dumb goldfarmer syndicates and why I don't play them anymore.

Speaking of which, the fire department has been called out to my home a couple of times because "Someone smelled smoke". I think they maybe smelling something else.

Work is still slow, its gotten to the point where I am being asked to take two days off a week voluntarily. Doing my best to resist that since I missed paying rent yesterday. My Landlord understands and usually this happens around this time of year. But I don't think my credit card and my car loan servicer will be as understanding... I'm not in any immediate danger, so we shall see how this plays out.

The bathroom faucet has been broken by a roomate. I haven't shaved in two weeks because of it and I look like a hippy. Replacement hopefully today.

Applied for promotion at work.

I'm still gonna try to go to Too Many Games meet up in June. I have a promise I remembered I need to keep.

Other then that. Get cracking. I want more cool movies to watch and games to play on NewGrounds Dot Com.

NewGrounds! 2300 AD! Thats how long we are gonna live!

--YendorNG :)



Posted by YendorNG - February 28th, 2024





Posted by YendorNG - February 7th, 2024

Howdy NewGrounds,

Hope everyone had a nice January, and happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrated! Its time for the February update. I am feeling a bit down because it is winter-- its cold, dark, and not a lot of sunshine to keep me awake and happy... so sorry if I appear withdrawn and grumpy. I stepped away from a couple of chats to avoid giving off that aura and to focus on projects that need to be done. Work also has slow downed and I am only working 2 days a week, which means less income, so... depressed and strained is a good way to describe the moment, but it is temporary and we will make it through. :)

Anyway, here is what's going on:

  • I have completed audio, and storyboard for the Kamen Rider Collab that is upcoming in April. It should be an animation that is less then a minute and has the voice talents of JennyGlynn and myself. I admit thought I feel like I bit off more then I can chew-- and feel a bit behind in production. I am currently painting backgrounds for it now and redesigning the initial characters that will appear, so it will make them easier to animate by hand.


Early sketch, elder artists can tell you I already messed up the perspective.

Getting this done is top priority for me, hence why I am not very social right now. We shall see if I can get over the goal line in time. :_;

  • This week I will quietly celebrate my 35th birthday.

I'm sure I'll find something to do to celebrate. :)

  • Last month I participated in Jamuary for a total of 12 days!:

This certainly did stretch me to my limits! I made chiptunes, happy-hardcore, Nerd-core, short piano comps, you name it! And I did it with even less time because I was very exhausted from work most days. I had to skip one day, then stop at day 13 (song #12) as I couldn't meet the demands of my sleep schedule and do Jamuary at the same time. I don't think I will be doing this again-- This was very stressful and I ended up blowing steam at someone who probably was unaware that I was under more time constraints then others and didn't have time to make things shine like I usually do. Oh well. :/

  • I was invited by @sereneFalconer to be a judge for the Slam Poetry Night contest!

You can watch the recap from Xin's profile and see me dazed and confused here!

  • The next NewGrounds Meetup was announced for June!



Other then that, I did from time to time did contribute other little things. Also recently I discovered that the Waterlolies flash cartoon wasn't working in Ruffle because of a site-lock error, but @TomFulp and @olskoo got it straightened out. Pretty cool I was able to help keep history preserved. :)

Thats all for now-- see you march!




Posted by YendorNG - February 2nd, 2024




Posted by YendorNG - January 30th, 2024

I was trying to figure out why numbers on a certain song suddenly picked up. It appears that a youtuber used it in a animation reel for her channel. How nice! :D

Weirdly enough, I also created a remaster for that same song today!

Don't know what to call this, so lets just call it synergy for today. :)

EDIT: Lol! They did it for a short as well!


Thanks @inkhandprint aka Unknownspy



Posted by YendorNG - January 26th, 2024

Sad News everyone,

If you had a look at the AnimateArchive today there is a new message from its maintainer that Adobe has successfully removed links to many of its legacy Flash programs.


While I agree that Adobe does has the right to assert its copyright, its doing so in poor taste. Subscription models suck and this takes away exposure for people (especially us poor people) from being able to explore animation. Not all of us are 5 headed programmers working 65 hours a week making 50k+ a year and able to afford something that has worked for decades vs the awful program that is way too expensive anyhow.

Creative ideas for independent animators comes in spurts and sometimes not for months. A middle ground must be made to allow affordability.